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Adarsh Gram Abhiyan (Ideal Village Development program)

Well educated, Cultured, Addiction-free, Healthy and Self-reliant Village

Movement of developing at least one ideal village in every district


  • Refined spirituality (art of building character) is the base of any development.
  • Development of socio - spiritual system based on time donation and money donation without taking any Govt. aid
  • Development based on the aphorisms given by our sages
  • Adopting Plans and Technologies according to the actual needs of the villagers
  • Cooperation and Collective efforts are the key components of development process
  • Long-lasting and holistic approach - balanced development of individuals, community and surroundings
  • Collective efforts are required for any community work
  • "Inspire masses through refined spirituality" - Core element of our methodology

Our Work Plan

Different Stage of Village Development

Time Bound Action Plan

Resolution and Commencement

Survey and Coordination

Meetings and Committee formation

Contact and Selection

Our Expectation

Come Forward!!

Let's make our village an ideal one!

Our Journey so far..

Our Abhiyan Expert

Name: Shri Mewalal Patidar
Mobile No.: 9425449414

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