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Aims and Objective

  • Awaken individual's inner spiritual force by sound body and clear mind
  • Create addiction free society
  • Promote Vegetarianism
  • Work towards establishing a well balanced, pollution free ecosystem
  • Harmony, friendship, brotherhood, peace and prosperity of the whole universe
  • Promote Scientific Spirituality
  • Inculcate family and cultural values in younger generation via Multimedia and other state-of the art technology
  • Women awareness


Projects of Yuva Jaagrati Abhiyan

  1. Educated Youth : Developed Nation   (Self Refinement)

  • Conducting the Workshops in Schools, Colleges and Corporate houses to teach and promote Our 3-fold Approach.
  • Simple Living High Thinking
  • Promoting value based Education and Balsanskar Shala for Children

  1. Self reliant Youth : Prosperous Nation   (Self Releance)

  • Camps on various self reliance skills, thereby creating employment opportunities
  • Training camps and offering certificate courses
  • National and International Youth Conventions to motivate and guide youth for constructive works

  1. Healthy Youth : Powerful Nation   (Holistic Health Management)

  • Camps on Pragy Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Pranayam, Life Management
  • Training and Treatment camps on Holistic Health management
  • Blood Donation Camp

  1. Courteous Youth : Happy Nation   (De-addiction)

  • Creating awareness about evils of addiction to alcohol, tobacco etc. through rallies, workshops and poster campaigns
  • Conseling in rural and urban areas

  1. Sensitive Youth : Superior Nation   (Environmental Protection)

  • Tree Plantation Program (Vriksha Ganga Campaign)
  • Awareness on the scientific aspect of yagya for reducing air and water pollution
  • Cleaning drives at places of worship, water sources and public places


Rebuild Divine India by educated, healthy, self-reliant, courteous and sensitive youth.


To create Divine India by harnessing innate potential of youth through training and workshops, and undertake constructive, nation building activities and thereby transforming individual, family and society at large.

Present Mentor

Name: H.H. Dr. Pranav Pandya
Head All World Gayatri Pariwar
Chancellor Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar
Chief Editor Akhand Jyoti
( Published in 8 Languages, Over 3 million readers world-wide)