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Bhagirathi Jalabhishek Abhiyan
(Water Resources Cleaning and Conservation Program)

Cleaning and conservation of all rivers of INDIA including Ganga


  1. A humble attempt to depict the agony of rivers to its alert sons.
  2. Social awareness for conservation and protection of water resources in the state.

Our Work Plan

This social awareness program has four aims:

  1. Water Purification - Pure Water

  • To motivate the public to keep water pure

  1. River Bank Purification - Fragrant Pure River Bank

  • To keep the banks clean , fragrant & green

  1. Purification of River-Bank-Side Village - Cultural Village

  • To build villages at river banks based on agriculture dependent on cows , clean , literate ,cultured and addiction free village.

  1. Meaningful Pilgrimage

  • To make thousands of pilgrims a part of this program and partners to spread this massage to common man

Solutions for Water Purification

  • Filtration plant at the discharge point of polluted water.
  • Prohibit the use of Polythenes at the Shoreline.
  • Spread awareness through collective cleaning programs.

Solutions for Clean Shoreline

  • Build toilets at various ghats.
  • Regular cleaning by volunteers.
  • Involve local Municipality/Panchayat.
  • Develop shores/ghats as pilgrimage and awaken the feeling of respect.
  • Plantation of scented and shadowy trees - "hari chunar".
  • Construction of ghats.

Ideal Villages at Shoreline

  • Develop clean, hygienic, addiction-free, self-reliant and cultured villages at shoreline.
  • Endorse culture based on moral values and agriculture.
  • Promote organic farming and dairy business.
  • Set-up groups of volunteers (Yuva Mandal) at shore-line villages.

Pilgrimage with a Noble Purpose

  • Prepare manure from rotten flowers and other organic wastes.
  • Start the tradition of immersing idols (made of clay) in a separate pit.
  • Write inspiring quotations on walls.
  • Inspire villagers through meetings/lectures.
  • Distribute Gurudev's literature.

Our Expectation

The Youth Wing ( Yuva Prakoshth ) of each district has taken pledge ( SHAPATH ) to revive at least one river or water resource .

Let us all be ensure our participation in the revival of rivers & water resources.

Our Journey so far..

Rameshwaram Cleaning Program

Panchamaha Abhiyan - Video

Our Abhiyan Expert

Name: Shri Yogendra Kumar Giri
Mobile No.: 09425047982

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