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Yuva Chetna Jaagrati Abhiyan

Search and Involve Healthy, Sensitive, Courteous Youngsters in aforesaid programs

The biggest capital of any nation is its youth power. To make BHARAT a super power of the world, Yuva Prakosth of Gayatri Pariwar is carrying out the task of connecting youth by Yuva Chetna Jaagrati Abhiyan.That means youth will be added to our network from each district and the qualities of culture, health, serenity and orientation towards service will be inculcated in them. These youth shall then be involved in the service of BHARATMATA.


  • To build character of the youngsters by imbibing spiritual disciplines (sadhana) in their lifestyle.
  • To explain the importance of reading good books (swadhyay) and introspection for their moral, intellectual and cultural development.
  • To increase the vitality of the youth by continuous emphasis on continence (sanyam).
  • To promote the notion of serving the society/nation (sewa) by involving them in various initiatives discussed earlier.

Our Work Plan

  • Bring the youth together at various levels (Block, Sub-division and district).
  • Organize 3-days youth camp at the state level.
  • Organize 1-day youth camp at block/sub-division/district level.
  • Arrange presentations/meetings at various schools/colleges.
  • Arrange personality development and self-reliance camps.
  • Form disaster management teams.
  • Run De-Addiction programs.
  • Promote Meditation, Yog-Pranayam.
  • Run moral education classes at various schools.

Our Expectation

Let's come together and accomplish the goal of our lives by becoming a part of this mass movement

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Our Journey so far..

Our Abhiyan Expert

Name: Shri Anand Vijay
Mobile No.: 09425371753

Name: Shri Surendra Pal Singh
Mobile No.: Add No.